Behold! The photographer in his natural habitat. More or less. Hasselt, but in the morning. In his hands his trusted Nikon, in his other hand an overpriced cup of designer coffee, in this case a machiato without caramel (he wants his Starbucks!). When you look at his face you can detect the caffeine slowly opening his eyes. In his ears his trusted earbuds, enjoying a bit of music. His chin unshaven, because of lazyness/time issues.

He wears a coat that is pre-vintage modern something something that would resemble a english/napoleon-like era frockcoat. Bought when a sudden rainstorm caught up with him in Maastricht. Around his neck a Slytherin scarf. ‘Cause it looks good, and it’s friggin cold! Thin wind-stopping gloves help with the early mornings.

Also note the fake vintage effect. 6k worth of equipment, and we make it look like it’s made with a $5 analog camera from the 60’s. Right!

I his pocket you can still see the press release from his last assignment, together with more useless things.

And best of all, he is on his way to the next assignment. As always.

PS: I swear, this sounded all better in my head.