A bi-annually tradition in Hasselt is Theater Op De Markt, a festival of the motion arts. Be subtle art like a moving weelchair in the streets, or a full-blown production of Macbeth with puppets. Even Virtual Reality and live-bluescreen performances will make you stop and marvel the creativity of these performers.

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Another type of performance is the big fireworks show to open the festival. Following the percussion artist and the fireworks people I managed to get access in the safety zone, and observe these people, and shoot a bit of fireworks.

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First of all, when they say Safety zone, that isn’t a joke. While I was relatively safe, surrounded by professionals, I still got covered in debris during the entire show. Just like the drummers who stayed on the stage during the show, it was interesting to be so close. Also, I’m so happy that I’ve got custom earplugs. I put them in at the beginning of the drum show, and only took them out after the fireworks was done. 

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First of all, it’s amazing to see how rested the firework people look, confident, sitting down, looking at everything, even smoking a cigarette. One person, I take the leader of the project, was checking the order of fireworks going off on his list, and the wireless detonator. 

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However, the moment something goes wrong, they all shoot in to action and make everything work.

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True professionals. And one hell of a show.

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