I’ve been blogging since 2005. In web-terms that’s quite ancient. In total I have written over 800 posts on this blog. Some popular, well thought out articles, some .. of the lesser quality.

The biggest change that has happened with me, is that I have grown. As a photographer, but most of all as a person. Yet, unlike some people, I embrace my past. Even if it sometimes is with a slight blush. I have trimmed out all old posts, my teenage throbs, my frustrations, and countless movie reviews, and split those to a separate blog. These are now Ramblings by Kris

Starting today, this blog is about one thing.


Mostly it’s about life through the lens, through the pixels, following me on my path, showing you how I did it, and why. 

From taking pictures for local politics till big assignments like Disneyland, until the hanging of the print against my wall. 


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I’m Kris, I’m a photographer, and welcome to my blog!