Having created my own test version of a Tri-Flash with some clamps, I found that it is a magnificent way of having great, soft and natural light. 

Some samples:


800 0034


Production shot: 

800 9972

 The backlight was provided by a single flash unit with a green gel, shooting straight back in the camera. Main light by Tri-flash through umbrella. 


Also it is great to give a bit of extra punch in group portraits. 

800 0166


However, to keep it simple, and giving my gear the best, I ordered a Joe McNally Tri-Flash. Can’t wait to create more with this tool! 

Tri Test

Inspired by the master of light Joe McNally, my own rendition of the Tri-Flash, with 3 SB-700’s, with 3 Umbrella clamps with cold-shoe.

Controlled remotely by a fourth SB-700 on the body. 

800 9951  1

Now to find models! 


Last month my father-in-law got a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle.

To mark the occasion, and to test my brand new soft box and umbrella I offered a small photoshoot.

Waiting just past sunset, we made these. Shot on D800 with 14-24 lens, SB-700 in Softbox, Metz flash in umbrella, triggered with pop-up flash. (Which in the end made me get 2 more SB-700’s).

800 5678

800 5685800 5693

Production shot:

1024T 2x