Evolution of a Flashy Shot

A great portrait depends on various factors. Composition, Light, Model. When one of those 3 fails, the picture fails. In here I will show you the set-up we did on a shot last night, in fading daylight, 2 remote triggered flashes, a reflector, and a willing Model: Fran.

First test-shot about the flash placement.


We see all light needs to be adjusted, and so does the angle (of course). So I dropped down on my knees, and made the second shot.


better, but I want there be more of a surrounding feeling, so I change my lens from the 28mm f2.8 prime lens, to an 18-105mm f3.5-5.6 lens. Since we are using flash, we can use a closer aperture.


The model placement is fine, now we need the back light to be more direct, and we need a front light. The model needs to look a bit looser, so we loosen her hair.


And the jacket


The back and keylights are fine. But we are missing a fill light. Enter a gold reflector.


That’s more like it! Now we work with the model. Fran is a musician, so not a professional model. So we have to catch her off-guard, and make her smile.


That’s nice!

And now we let her look off-camera, and make her work that gorgeous smile!


finished shot, cropped for dramatic reasons to a 8×10. All in all, a very nice day. and again, a thanks the _NF_ for the material. :)

Use Photo Booth and an iPhone to view negatives.

An English post for once. I just got back from the lab, getting y freshly developed Nikon F4 Negatives in Black and White. Or at least inverted.

But I have no scanner here. Now what? Sure, I can wait, but I still want to see how they look.

Well, que Photo Booth. With the standard X-Ray filter, you get a grayscale view of the world, but just a little bit inverted.

Screen shot 2009-11-26 at 14.37.24.png

So all we need is a backlight that serves as a backdrop for the negatives. In this case I used my trusty iPhone with one of the gazzilion free Light apps, and voila, an instant negative / positive viewer.

Photo on 2009-11-26 at 14.23 #2.jpg

There also are extra effects (More iChat Effects) that show a colored negative, but these are not really that effect. See for yourself:

Photo on 2009-11-26 at 14.32.jpg

Still, for those quick grayscale views, it’s perfect!

Of Course, if you could set the iSight to manual exposure, it would be easier, but we can’t have all, can we? :)