You know the feeling of having that one shot, that you always think of when you pass a place, but never have been able to capture it like you want it to?

Well. My place is famous and huge: Ford Genk.

For years I have been taking pics of the canal whenever I passed it. I think I have hundreds of snaps, with different camera’s. All like this. The first one is the earliest I could find, in 2007. Last one was 2010 new year’s morning, with my dad teasing me by braking while making the shot.


Slightly (of very, very) blurry, no framing, road in the way, etc. Blaarg. All until yesterday. Thanks to _NF_. Testing a brand-spanking new D700 in the industry filled forests of Genk. A shot can work in the mind, but you have to take the time to make it.


For the ones interested: D700, 35mm f/2 lens. 1/1000 – f/9. Check out the finished shot here in a larger format.

Thanks again Nadia :).