I’ve always loved traveling, having spent many summers, springs, autumns and winters outside of Belgium. Sometimes close, sometimes thousands of miles away. Mostly with family, but on my 18th I got the pleasure of flying to Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis, USA on my own. Or with friends to London, Scotland and Ireland.


But the call I’ve got 2 weeks ago tops everything. A representative of Edelman called me. It’s a public relations firm representing Hewlett-Packard.

Their question was simple. Would I be interested in covering an HP press-event 9 and 10 May. In the Shanghai Expo Centre. Shanghai, China.


Yes, I am interested.

So, if the journalist visa gets approved, I will join the 250 European journalists in the Shanghai for their big presentation. Items on the agenda: Showcase innovations, partnerships, customers. Launch new commercial and consumer products, services and solutions. And their angle on Windows 8.

So, with a bit of luck, in 2 weeks you’ll get a lot of pictures from the other other side of the world.

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