The past few weeks have been crazy, visiting many places and people to photograph for various occasions and clients. On thursday I crossed the city on a 25 meter high Manitou Telescopic Loader. Twelve hours later my feet where firmly rooted in the ground. That’s where this story happens. There are those moments where you have a only a small briefing for a few pictures, but the assignment leads itself to a lot more. 

So, friday morning. In assignment for De Nette Krant / by communication firm RCA I was to photograph CSA Hoeve Het Blokhuis. For the city-folks among you, that’s Community-supported agriculture. The first real spring day of the year, surrounded by nature and fields, I really was glad to be a photographer and be out there when I could. The location and the people really gave meaning to the word ‘hospitality’, as they gladly helped, posed and told about their passion.

The quote of the day: “Farming really is Rock and Roll”. 

Here are some of my favourites of the day. All of these are shot on a D800 with 70-200. 

KVDS 20140307 7848 NIKON D800
KVDS 20140307 7873 NIKON D800

(7 Shot vertical Brenizer, Softboxed flash on left).

KVDS 20140307 7813 NIKON D800
KVDS 20140307 7820 NIKON D800
KVDS 20140307 7851 NIKON D800
KVDS 20140307 7824 NIKON D800
KVDS 20140307 7892 NIKON D800

And to finish, some Behind The Scenes snaps! 

IMG 3221
IMG 3229
IMG 3247