I’m proud to present my latest short-film: The Affair On Bus 11. An exciting thriller story set place in London, December 5th 1957, during the early years of the Cold War.

For years I’ve wanted to set a movie in historic London. My original ideas date back to 2010, but with more recent events, it has become possible to create the feeling of the London of the 50’s on a set. The uniqueness of this film is that it’s completely set in a London Routemaster bus.

The story has two Russian spies meet on famous Bus Route 11 in London. The historical bus route was a favourite among spies, with several MI5 files documented spies meeting there during WW2 and the Cold War.

Using a mixture of creative lighting and effects, we tried to evoke the London Fog on location. But not just the location will set the tone: Great care has been taken in recreating props from the era. One of the most important props in our film are the newspapers.

Seeing a newspaper on a bus in the 50’s was as ubiquitous as a phone is today. So with a team of designers we are recreating several newspapers to the letter, giving us complete freedom to use whatever page we want to see up close, without worrying that dummy text will take people out of the movie.

We also worked closely with Huis Bayens for accurate costuming from the time.

Production took place in Diepenbeek at Reizen De Zigeuner, which kindly let us use their location and bus for our production. Here are some behind the scenes shots:

For music we turned once more to ConForte, this time with a thrilling score by Koben Sprengers, which has become a hit on streaming services!