Press events are fun, but they are even more fun when you get to go in restricted places. This is just what Sony had in store for us. Getting to choose a camera (I chose the α7S II), some light sensitive lenses and a Manfrotto mini-tripod, we were escorted to some restricted mines near Maastricht. A pretty amazing sight, with drawings going back many hundreds of years.

With us were some very experienced guides, which we followed religiously, because people have wandered around and got lost forever. Yikes! Sony had created some great technical challenges for us, like fire-breathers, LED and Fire-poi, long exposures with candlelight, and the chance to photograph some models with a set of Profoto B1’s. What a great system!

I have photographed all of these before, so nothing too challenging, but still, what a great location!

Dragging the shutter and some movement. Profoto B1 on camera right with a 2×3 softbox and two in the back.
Daylight again!