By the time I’m writing this, it’s already past midnight. So technically yesterday, I celebrated my tenth anniversary of photography. It was that day when I first deliberately took a camera somewhere and photograph something.

The day was a sunny school day in Februari 2004. It was exactly one day and two months since The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King was released in theatres. Just like any self-respected geek I was looking to do a creative project inspired by Tolkien’s masterpiece. The tiny town my school was located, Herk-de-Stad, had great potential. We had a park that could double as Hobbiton, the paths around it looked like Bree. The forest next to the park could double as a freaky Fangorn Forest. The grassy field next my school had potential for The Dead Marshes. I could go on and on, but it looked great. It went so far that my buddy from school ordered a working hobbit pipe to smoke in the breaks. In the end, the project was canned after a crazy idea to shoot fireworks in the park at night to see if Gandalf’s party in Herk-de-Stad would look as cool as it was shot by Peter Jackson. It didn’t. 

The only thing remaining from that period are a lot of pictures from school and the surrounding nature. 

They are my oldest pictures in my archive of over 120.000 images and I thought it would be fun to head back to the place I first took those snapshots with my dad’s Minolta DiMAGE S414 and capture what I wanted to shoot then now. So today I grabbed my bag with a D800, 14-24 and 85 1.8. Also, an iPad with the pictures of Day One. Some are exact revisions, some are things I encountered. Enjoy this rare bit of nostalgia!

PS: I’m sure you can see which pictures are the old ones and new ones. ;)

PPS: Here’s to at least 70 years more!  

 KVDS 20040218 414 DiMAGE S414 78

KVDS 20140218 7028 NIKON D800

KVDS 20140218 7005 NIKON D800

KVDS 20140218 7061 NIKON D800

KVDS 20140218 7040 NIKON D800

KVDS 20140218 7075 NIKON D800

KVDS 20040218 414 DiMAGE S414 92

KVDS 20140218 7087 NIKON D800

KVDS 20140218 7082 NIKON D800

KVDS 20140218 7089 NIKON D800

KVDS 20040218 414 DiMAGE S414 26

KVDS 20140218 7094 NIKON D800

KVDS 20040218 414 DiMAGE S414 31

KVDS 20140218 7106 NIKON D800

KVDS 20140218 7126 NIKON D800