In the fall of 2015 I shot the entire campaign for Visit Hasselt in less than a month in the most horrible of weather conditions. Not just that, it was a breakneck paced shoot, visiting over fifty locations in just under three weeks.

Of course, as those things do, I was enjoying a rare moment of free time in the city. I didn’t carry my camera with me, I mean, why would I? I wouldn’t be shooting for another few hours. But just on that exact moment, the sun broke through, bathing the main shopping street with nice afternoon sunlight. It had people shopping, still some green on the trees. Precisely the kind of images the client needed.

So I followed Chase Jarvis‘ advice: “the best camera is the one that’s with you”.  I didn’t hesitate, and shot the scene that was unfolding in front of my eyes with my iPhone 6 S. Just a few snaps. I hesitated for a second if I could run home and get my camera, but before I would even reach the end of the street, the clouds took over again, and wouldn’t show itself until the deadline of the assignment had passed.

But, I’ve had my shot.

Campaign image. iPhone 6 S

The great thing is, they didn’t only run the image: today I found out they re-used it, and made it a full page picture. And it looks pretty damn great! No-one would ever guess this was a lucky moment, shot on a phone. Damn.